Course Descriptions

Coach Approach Ministries has developed a series of coach training courses designed to give participants the mindset, skill set, and tools to begin utilizing coaching in their leadership and relationships with others. Thrive Church Network, in association with Coach Approach Ministries, offers courses 501, 502, 503 & 510, which are designed to meet the requirements for credentialing through the International Coach Federation.

Class 501* | Foundations of Christian Coaching

*This course is a prerequisite for all other courses.

Class 501 provides students a basic foundation for understanding and practicing coaching. Topics covered include: core coaching skills, coaching conversation model, the Biblical basis for coaching, and how students can use coaching in their ministries or workplace.

Class 502 | Establishing a Dynamic Coaching Relationship

This course will focus on creating a dynamic coaching relationship by understanding how to develop a professional coaching relationship. Focus will be given to increasing credibility through communicating awareness of intent and impact. The coach will also build the skills of helping the person being coached (PBC) orient around areas of strengths and high performance patterns. This course will introduce the coach to ethical issues in coaching and establishing a coaching practice.

Class 503 | Coaching for Change, Transition and Transformation

This course provides students the knowledge and skills necessary for coaching people and groups through change. Attention is given to understanding different types of change, how to support people going through transitions, and how to use coaching to initiate positive change.

Class 507 | Coaching Teams

In this course, you will gain an understanding of the difference between a team and other types of groups, learn how to develop authentic teams, learn the skills needed to coach teams, how to support teams in overcoming dysfunction, use team covenants, and create alliances.

Class 510 | A Coach Approach to Leading and Managing

You know how to coach, and you know how to lead, but how do you incorporate coaching into your leadership? This course provides the knowledge and skill necessary for taking a coach approach to working with teams, managing direct reports/volunteers, and leading within a church or other organization.

* This class is a required part of the Certified Christian Leadership Coach (CCLC) credential.