The Thrive process led us to think differently about what God is calling our church to be and do. It provided a path for us to work our way through much-needed change in smaller, more manageable, phases. After participating in the Thrive Experience, our church is more focused on the mission the Lord has given us than we have been for many years.
— Scott Wade | Lead Pastor, LifePoint Church
Throughout the Thrive process you will lock arms with your teammates who are also in leadership, and learn how to grow together in your respective places of calling. If you want to grow as a leader and strengthen your church, then I strongly encourage your involvement in the Thrive process! Both you and your church will not be disappointed!
— David Fields | Lead pastor, Hartford Assembly of God
Many pastors wrestle with how to implement healthy change within their congregation in a way that involves key leaders in the process from the ground floor. Often many good intentions and great strategies lie dormant because pastors fail to involve like-minded teammates within the change process. I am happy to recommend the Thrive cohort program, as it allows pastors to enhance the effectiveness of their church through an engaging teamwork environment that allows all involved to be “on the same page” right from the start.
— Erik Gustafson, Lake of the Woods Church
The fact that IDCAG has blessed our district churches with the opportunity to participate in the Thrive process for free is absolutely incredible. The Lord has made provision, literally in the way of tens of thousands of dollars, to resource our churches to be the effective hands and feet of Christ in our unique communities. I am so thankful that Jonathan Creek accepted this blessing and is now reaping the results.
— Dr. Tim Henderson | Senior Pastor, Jonathan Creek Christian Church
The Thrive Church Network is on the cutting edge of creating healthy churches in Illinois. Think about the way “things used to be…” New churches were never planted unless one person decided to move into a community and “do it on their own.” Existing churches moved through the life cycle of an organization until they came to a place of decline. The Thrive Church Network is creating teams to plant new churches and revitalize existing churches in new and exciting ways. Churches are thriving. Come join the wave!
— Phil Schneider | Illinois District Council Assemblies of God Superintendent
Thrive is an accelerated process of church re-design and strategic planning for congregations who want to increase effectiveness.
— Julie Markese
Coaching will help you in making everyday and strategic life decisions. It will encourage you to accomplish goals by helping you to set action steps and identifying and using the strengths you already have.
— Tamra Heitman