Interview with Norma Borrero

On December 19, 2016, Thrive Church Network interviewed Norma Borrero, the site pastor of Life Church Rockford. The church is a Parent Affiliated Church of Life Church in Roscoe, pastored by Kevin Kringel. 

TCN: How did you come to be the site pastor for Life Church Rockford?
NB: The opportunity came to me. The Lord had prepared me in advance for this ministry position. At first, I was the interim pastor until Pastor Kevin (Kringel) found another pastor to replace the one who had just left. Eventually, he felt I was to be that pastor, so he appointed me to the position. I had to dive in to work hard because I knew I would be there longer than I thought I would.

TCN: What are your spiritual gifts?
NB: Prophetic is the first. The Lord gives me spiritual discernment. Teaching “Hearing the Voice of God” and at Life School of the Bible. Knowing the Will of God and Christian Character. I wrote a manual “Hearing the Voice of God,” which is a twelve-week discipleship curriculum. I can raise up teams. Loving them and believing in them is the key to this. Being willing to walk through life with them. They are more important than what they do. I communicate that to them. My people become “Disciples Gone Wild!” I also take risks and give them opportunity to fail. Then they know for themselves what the right thing to do is. Authentically being interested in people and wanting to know about them is the key.

TCN: What are the positives about being a female pastor?
NB: It’s hard for me to answer, because I don’t have that perspective. The reason I was accepted was because the people and leaders of Life Church already knew me. Trust was already established. Many of our people are in their 60s or 70s, and they don’t have an issue with a woman pastor. As women, we’re taught to rely on others from the beginning of our lives, so it may be easier for us to rely on God for absolutely everything.

TCN: What are the negatives?
NB: Seeing myself as a woman is a negative, where seeing myself as a minister called of God makes the difference.

TCN: Describe your relationship with Pastor Kevin Kringel.
NB: I love our staff meetings because Kevin teaches and mentors us. I enjoy learning from him. In leadership meetings and at events, my input is important to the team. I’m not just a disciple; he’s willing to receive ministry from me.

TCN: If you could give one piece of advice to other female pastors, what would it be?
NB: Focus on your call more than on yourself as being female; that’s starting off as a minus. You’re taking on the culture around you and not the culture of the Kingdom. Understand that the Word of God is for both men and women. There will be a cost to being a disciple. You’re taking down systems when you take your call seriously. You must be prepared for that. Be humble. Be right versus being righteous.

TCN: What is pastoring like for you?
NB: I’m willing to go ahead of my people, go through obstacles, teaching THEM HOW TO LIVE, reveal purpose for their lives their families, cities and nation. Equipping, preparing. I wrote a book called “The Orphan Spirit” that I teach to my people, making them sons and daughters. Hearing the Voice of God class.

TCN: What's in store for you in the future?
NB: I believe the Lord has called me to mobilize the city of Rockford. 2017 is the year of reaching out. In one year, the church has more than doubled and for the first time is financially self-sustaining. The same people who didn’t give before are giving now because they believe in the vision.

TCN: What do you like the most about your calling?
NB: Seeing people’s lives restored. Transformation. I see this every week. People who looked old are vibrant now. My people have my back. I love them, and they love me. This is the wonderful part of ministry.

TCN: Where else have you ministered?
NB: Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, New York California, Oregon, Michigan, Colorado, Indiana. When in NY, I taught for how Glory to Glory International Ministries began for 45 minutes to 7 different pastors. Each of them invited me to their churches. That’s how everything started.