Pastors' Wives Find Fulfillment in Chaplaincy

By Julie Markese, Director of Thrive Church Network for IDCAG on April 4th, 2017

There’s life after the pastorate. 

Val McGough and Sherry Massey were both pastors’ wives who experienced many years of fruitful ministry in long-term pastorates alongside their husbands. One of these women had change thrust upon her; the other decided it was time for change. Both have found fulfillment in a new ministry: Marketplace Chaplaincy.

Val McGough (pictured at left) has been in full-time ministry her entire adult life. After 34 years, she and her husband Rick stepped down from pastoral ministry to embark on a new season of life. Sensing God was opening new doors for her, Val took steps to become a licensed minister. She recently was hired by Marketplace Chaplains to serve at the Bickford Cottages, an Assisted Living establishment in Moline. Val is uniquely qualified for this position, having worked for years as a caregiver for local agencies. She enjoys music and loves every part of ministry.

Widowed unexpectedly in 2014, Sherry Massey (pictured at right) knows a lot about change and transition, both in her personal life and public ministry. While she continues to faithfully serve in her home church, Glad Tidings Assembly in DeKalb, God has broadened her influence and opportunities to minister. She is now an industrial chaplain with Marketplace Chaplains, presently working at a local food manufacturing and packaging plant. She will be ordained in May.

Founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1984, Marketplace Chaplains USA has expanded every year for the past 30+ years, and now serves nearly the entire country. Client companies with multiple locations are able to have chaplains available to employees at each of their sites. Marketplace Chaplains USA is the longest continuing provider of workplace chaplains to corporate America today, as well as the largest. Over 1,500 chaplains serve from California to Massachusetts, providing personal care for over 470,000 employees and family members. Information is available on the website of Marketplace Chaplains.