How to Turn Ideas Into Actions

turningideasintoactionsYou have a great idea, right? You've evaluated why you may not be putting the idea into action and now you need to know how to put the idea into action. This week we want to look into ways you can start implementing those ideas into tangible actions and results. So here are five tips to get everything moving.

  1. Analyze the idea / concept. Evaluate your idea and then compare it to the outcome you are looking to achieve, is it going to create that outcome or will it be shortcoming? Do you need to adjust your strategy to achieve your goal? Define the problem you are solving and define the solution it needs, do the plans match up?
  2. Create a strategy. The exact strategy will look different for every vision, but here are a few things to consider when creating a plan to implement your new idea: finances, risk, involvement (on your part and anyone you are working with), goals, length until implementation and viewable outcomes, steps to complete implementation, steps to deal with the outcome.
  3. Affirm the idea / concept. Once you've narrowed down a good idea and created a quality plan, run it by people that may be influenced by it and trusted companions that may not be directly influenced by it. Gather support and affirmation in your idea. One reason to do this is to gain traction when implementing it and to also gain confidence and accountability when following through. This stage will also allow a fresh pair of eyes, people that can critique and evaluate your idea with you.
  4. Humanize the problem and solution. Make the problem you are solving personal and remind people of why your solution will help.
  5. Implement and follow through. If you've strategized and truly created a quality idea to implement, at some point you just have to put it into action. After following the above steps hopefully you'll feel more confident in everything, which will make this step easier. Implement the strategy and follow through, create an outcome evaluation to analyze how everything went, what could be improved, and what worked.

Idea implementation can be difficult and daunting, take it piece by piece and take time to really nail it down. The more effort put into it will help you be more confident and strong in implementation. Don't let anyone miss out on your next great idea!

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