Thrive Church Network Survey

The heart of the Thrive Church Network is to see pastors and churches come to the full potential that God has for them. We know you have a purpose and many strengths, even if it doesn't always feel like it. We do our best to help you realize these wonderful parts about yourself and your church through church coaching and planting. Now, Thrive is also wanting to revive itself in small ways to be the most effective resource it can be for you! We are rebranding, creating a new website, and going to be adding a couple new features to help you out in the best possible way. But before we start working full force on these updates, we want your feedback and suggestions!

What's in the survey?

That's why we have this short survey for you to take. It will only take 5-10 minutes to fill out and will shed light on a few areas so we can be as effective and helpful as possible to YOU.

The survey mainly asks about how we can best communicate with you, areas we can better serve you (strategy for your church to reach full potential and community in the Thrive network), and how easy Thrive is to navigate and understand.

If you'd like to give your input - we would love to hear it! Just click the link below.