Refreshing Sunday Morning Service

Last Sunday I went to church in Mahomet.  “Lake of the Woods Church, a refreshing place to grow,” read the church promotional material.   I needed to feel refreshed, and hoped I would feel that way when I left the service for the two-hour drive home.

I have worked with a wonderful team from this church for the past year.  Rhonda, Randy, Pastor Erik Gustafson, Linda, Jeff, and Michelle, have taught me a lot about the importance of prayer, faith, and believing in people.  Each demonstrates a beautiful and humble spirit.  They are so nice to be around.

By reading the church bulletin I can identify what matters to this faith community:

Pray for the Nations: Nigeria, Norway, Oman, and Pakistan this week

This Week’s Bible Reading calendar

Corporate Prayer service on Sundays (before the worship service)

Alpha classes on Wednesdays

Cleansing Stream ministries: freedom for your journey

All-family worship (a combined Sunday worship experience for the entire church)

Student Ministries on Tuesdays

Pastor E’s Recommended Reading (Nancey Pearcey!)

The message centered on God the Creator.  Although theologically deep, it could be understood by a ten-year old, a university professor, or a retired widow.  It was brimming with hope and love.  God the Creator was an irresistible reality that morning.

And the people?  Every single one of them was genuine and warm as they welcomed me.  I hadn’t met any of them before that morning, so I was a complete stranger to them. 

Lake of the Woods Church in Mahomet is not a mega church.  But it has what people need most: the presence of a Living God who is anxious to love and lead them.  And that presence resides in the people of Lake of the Woods Church.

It was a refreshing place for me to grow. 

- Julie