Jarman Esperance & Christian Haitian Outreach | Ministry Spotlight

We are going to Haiti! We recently had the chance to sit down with Jarman Esperance, pastor of the Assemblies of God Haitian churches in Chicago, and conference host and leader for the pastoral leadership training Thrive Church Network will be joining with in Haiti, July 7-13, 2015.

Pastor Jarman has led a wide and varied ministry career with his wife Mary, spanning the past three and a half decades. He has founded and pastored several churches, ministered as a missionary in Haiti, and served as a Bible School Director, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Haiti, District Liaison, and General Presbyter.

We are thrilled to share his story and details of the coming trip with you today.

TCN: Pastor Jarman, we’ve given readers a brief glimpse of your ministry portfolio. Where are you currently serving?

PASTOR JARMAN: Currently, I pastor two Haitian churches: Bethesda Assemblee de Dieu in Mount Prospect, and Bethesda Assembly Evanston Campus in Evanston. I also oversee the orphanage ministry, Christian Haitian Outreach (CHO), in Haiti, where I have been the CEO since 2011.

TCN: I understand the orphanage in Haiti holds special meaning for your family.

PASTOR JARMAN: Yes! God blessed my wife and I five years ago through adoption. We found our daughter, Manoucheka, now 12, and our son Daniel, now 10, through CHO.

TCN: Tell us a little more about the orphanage in Haiti. What is the most rewarding part of this work for you and your wife?

PASTOR JARMAN: Working for the orphanage gives us an opportunity to do what we feel we were put on this earth to do - to raise children and train pastors.

The most rewarding part of this job by far is seeing the hope CHO has given the kids and the confidence they now have about their future. They know they are loved and have people behind them who will do everything within their abilities to help them achieve their goals.

We also love the opportunities it affords us to train and encourage Haitian pastors, influencing them to be better shepherds.

TCN: Could you tell us a little more about the Haiti trip you are heading up in July?

PASTOR JARMAN: This is an annual trip to refresh, recharge, and strengthen Haitian pastors. We are glad to reconnect with them again this year to offer encouragement, training, and opportunities to worship.

TCN: How do you hope God will bless the efforts of this year’s Haiti trip?

PASTOR JARMAN: We are praying God will remove any obstacles that might hinder pastors from attending, and that His presence would be felt in each meeting and worship service. We are praying for renewed spirits, so that the pastors are lifted up and inspired to go back to their respective towns or villages, equipped for the coming year of ministry.

TCN: How can other pastors and leaders get involved?

PASTOR JARMAN: Prayer and finances; prayer for the conference and for leaders who will be ministering, and donations to help cover conference costs. We want to provide two hot meals a day for about two hundred leaders during the four-day conference. They will sacrificially pay their way to the conference. We want to partner with them and offer food and accommodations for them.

TCN: Pastor Jarman, thank you for taking time to share your passion for the pastors and children of Haiti with us!

If you would like to join Pastor Jarman and Julie Markese on the trip to Haiti, please take a look at the Haiti trip info post (http://thrivechurchnetwork.com/2015/04/27/haiti-trip-info/) found on our website.