Here's why Thrive is going to Haiti

About twenty years ago I met an amazing woman named Eleanor Workman.

At age 75, she was raising money for a ministry she had founded in Port au Prince, Haiti, which included an orphanage, a school, a feeding program, and ministers training. Eleanor had come to our church in Salem, Oregon to challenge us to give, pray, and help her. Their needs were great, but Eleanor believed her God was big enough to meet them all. Our church gave, prayed, and sent people to Haiti to help. Eleanor invited me to take a trip to Haiti to see the work for myself, but I didn’t take that opportunity.

I eventually moved away from Oregon after my husband died and relocated to the Midwest. I lost track of Eleanor and the ministry of Christian Haitian Outreach.

Recently, I began a Thrive Church Partnership with a Haitian congregation in Chicago pastored by Jarman Esperance, a dynamic educator, church planter, and presbyter. Last year, he went to Haiti to teach about 170 pastors, many of whom have had little or no opportunity for biblical training. Pastor Jarman invited me to go with him this July when he returns. He also mentioned that he is working with an orphanage that has lost a lot of its funding in recent years and is desperate for help.

That orphanage was founded by Eleanor Workman, now 95 years old. She is passing the leadership on to Dr. Albert James, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, who then brought Jarman Esperance alongside him as CEO.

I’m thrilled to finally make the trip to Haiti. It will be my first. I will be teaching pastors, but I want to do more. I want to give each of them a new long-sleeved cotton dress shirt (their preference) and a tie. They are desperate for ministerial text books in French; I want to provide some of those, too.

Pastor Jarman wants some pastors to come to Haiti to preach around the island while we are there. The dates are July 7-13th. If you are interested in joining us, please email, call, or text me. Three pastors are already considering making the trip with us. We would love to have more!

I’m looking forward to serving the pastors of Haiti, but also learning from them, too. And as I walk the halls of the Christian Haitian Orphanage, I will be thanking God for 95-year old Eleanor Workman, who believed Him for miracles that continue to impact a nation to this day.

- Julie