Experience Christmas [Devotional Series by Christine Trevino]

Experience Christmas [Devotional SeriesThere is so much to do and share with our loved ones at Christmas-time, it’s possible to reduce the season to a holiday checklist we methodically work our way through. If we aren’t intentional with the moments we have in the month of December, we can find ourselves in the middle of family celebrations on the 25th, filled to the full of the good things the season brings, but missing the best thing of all. That’s what the Experience Christmas devotional series is about – making space during a beautiful, but hectic time of year to wonder at the miracle of Christmas. Each weekday through December 25, Christine Trevino (TCN virtual admin & website manager) is sharing an original Christmas devotional based on the scriptural narrative and complimented by an inspirational Christmas song on her website www.christinetrevino.com.

There is still over a week of Experience Christmas left. To access devotional posts, visit the series page by clicking HERE.