Susan Clift & Glorious Crown | Ministry Spotlight

At Thrive Church Network, we love highlighting the humanitarian work of our partners across the globe. Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Susan Clift for an interview about her new venture, Glorious Crown in Asia, and are excited to share that interview with you today. TCN: Susan, thanks for taking time to talk with us today. Many of our readers are unfamiliar with your story. Could you share a little of your background and how you came to work in Asia?

SUSAN: My background is primarily business. I’ve done everything from accounting in a fortune 500 Company, to being a Cash Management Officer at a large commercial bank. In 1999 I had a dream I was teaching English to Chinese men and women; shortly after my dream I was made aware of a need in Asia to help start an English and business training center. It took a year of preparation and transition but I began working there in 2001, and haven’t looked back since.

TCN: And you’re gearing up for another major transition aren’t you?

SUSAN: Yes. I’m returning to Asia after a brief fundraising trip in the States to begin Glorious Crown. Our two-fold mission is to work with women and children who have been abused sexually, physically, and/or emotionally, and to rescue those trapped in human trafficking. We plan to assist these women in their most immediate needs of friendship, counseling, and safe shelter, and also help them transition into a new and productive life through educational training, vocational training, and alternative employment.

TCN: That is truly amazing Susan, but also a huge vocational shift for you. What prompted the change?

SUSAN: There were many situations that caused me to reevaluate my purpose in Asia, but the common thread that ran through them all was the commonplace abuse that many women in Asia face. I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I knew it was my purpose to make a difference in this particular area of need.

TCN: Human trafficking is a really hot topic in many circles right now. Based on your experience, what common misconception would you like to correct on the issue?

SUSAN: That the people trapped in trafficking want to be there. Most are sold, or taken against their will. They are often drugged, beaten, and/or threatened with their life or the lives of their family members if they run.

I’d also like to speak to the misconception that it’s not a first world problem. The fact is that trafficking is EVERYWHERE, even in your American neighborhood. Globally, every 30 seconds a person is taken into trafficking. Within the first 48 hours, one in three runaways on the street are approached by a trafficker. 99% of the victims are never rescued.

TCN: What can we do to get involved with Glorious Crown?

SUSAN: (Smiling) I’m so glad you asked. There are so many ways to get involved . . .

First, and most simply, you can drink coffee. By purchasing the Crown of Beauty Blend from Eurasia Café, a portion of the purchase will go towards helping Glorious Crown make a difference in the lives of Asian women.

Secondly, you can also support the work directly through either a monthly commitment, cash offering, or as a fundraising partner.

Third, we are looking for advocates who will partner with us in spreading the word about the mission of Glorious Crown and human trafficking, and volunteers who will participate in vocational training/trades, becoming a shelter leader, teaching ESL, spiritual training, coaching and/or counseling.

TCN: That’s wonderful Susan. Thank you so much for sharing about this exciting new work in Asia.

 SusanReaders who are interested in more information about Glorious Crown or Susan Clift can visit or email sclift[at]na-link[dot]com.