Finding Focus

Michael Hyatt writes a blog I like to follow, along with about 350,000 other subscribers. One of his entries lists seven steps to take to get unstuck and become more productive:

  1. Create a to-do list for today
  2. Turn on some inspiring music
  3. Turn off the social web
  4. Do one task at a time
  5. Group similar tasks together
  6. Take frequent breaks
  7. Repeat the cycle

This can work when I know what I have to do, but what about when I don’t? How can I find focus?

I talk to many pastors and church leaders who in one way or another feel stuck. The three questions that follow are ones I hear more than any other.

“Why aren’t my people faithful to church on Sunday morning? Sports and family seem to be the priority.”

“Why can’t I get my people to change?”

“I’ve tried everything possible to grow this church; why is nothing working?”

These questions are unproductive, and accomplish little. How do we get unstuck, and become more productive when we don’t know what to do?

What if we asked the questions differently?

“How can I make the two hours my people spend in church on Sunday morning the best two hours of their week?”

“How can I make change as easy as possible for my people?”

“What steps can I take today to become a better leader?”

Our focus changes when we make the mental shift from reaction to action. A simple change in mindset empowers the leader to do something productive, rather than just react. Coaching helps people find solutions to challenges by listening, asking powerful questions, discovering options, and encouraging action.

IDC Leadership has made a significant investment to provide coaching to church leaders through the Thrive process, and now to pastors. An initiative is underway to connect certified coaches with pastors of district and supervised churches. Cal Swenson, director of Thrive Church Planting, will provide mentors/coaches for all new church planters.

The question is – do you feel stuck? Are you asking the right questions?

Coaching may be the catalyst to get you moving forward again toward your goals.

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