Learning my Fit

Image Source There’s something to be said about hanging out with my family. It nourishes my spirit and balances out the tension between what I do and who I am. Nothing has really changed, but I just feel better about everything!

On the last day of my vacation in Orlando, while writing this post, my grandson Joey walked into the room with a football. We played catch for a while, with Joey throwing some pretty awesome spirals.  I learned that he loves shoes, so while I attempted to finish what I started here, he found my sandals and decided to go for a walk in them.  He didn’t get very far though, because they obviously didn’t fit and he had them on the wrong feet. Inevitably he tripped, fell, and then laughed at himself.  He has a good outlook on life, even at twenty months!  Once he got back up, he handed me my sandals and then walked away to find something he could be successful at: finding a snack.  Not a long attention span.

I heard someone say this week that we learn best from our failures and least from our successes.  I think this is true for me as I continue to learn about my own self-awareness and the importance of a humble spirit in life and ministry.  When I undertake ministry that either doesn’t “fit” or doesn’t “feed” me, which often results in failure, I am presented with a very important choice.  Either I learn from my mistakes and try again until I learn my fit, or I walk away and find something I feel more successful at.  I choose the former.

I’m intentionally making room in my life for more risk-taking, more possibility of failure, and more learning.  And I‘m going to laugh more at my mistakes.  Maybe nothing much will really change, but I just know I’ll feel a whole lot better about everything!