Why I Turned to Coaching

I love the pastors and congregations of our state, and I’ve always thought it was a privilege to work with church leaders in their efforts for the kingdom.  But in spite of considerable effort and hard work, I wasn’t seeing the results I hoped for. Six years ago, I decided to get more training and became a Certified Christian Leadership Coach with Coach Approach Ministries.  That was the beginning of a change in how I approached my own ministry, and I haven’t looked back.

Coaching taught me how to listen at a deeper level, and when I realized that one of the greatest needs of people today is to be really heard, I found that most of them have pretty important things to say. It’s been awesome to help them use what they already know and apply it to the work of ministry.

Coaching is a positive approach to ministry.  Building on strengths is better than stressing weaknesses.  Coaching encourages and empowers others; it is less about the coach and the process and much more about who is being coached and where they want to go.  Coaching is about action; it is future-oriented and results-focused.

In the last three years, I’ve seen churches who have become part of Thrive Church Network begin to believe in themselves and the future God has for them.  They have worked hard, and are seeing results. It's incredible to see the part that coaching has played in that transformation and I'm excited to see how much more can be done in our state through this ministry.

DSC_1166_1.jpg 2011

 - Julie