Coach Training Details


Coach Training Will Continue

I have stepped down from my position as Director of Thrive Coaching for the Illinois Assemblies of God as of the end of December. However, I will continue to offer classes. These will now be web-based, making them more convenient for many of you.

I’m planning to offer Class 501: Foundations for Christian Coaching in February or March 2018. The class will be on the Zoom web platform. Each session will be 90 minutes and each class will last 8 weeks. You will receive sixteen credit hours toward certification with Coach Approach Ministries and the International Coach Federation.

I am no longer subsidized by the Illinois Assemblies of God, but I can still offer this class at the discounted rate of $250.

If you would like to know more, or would like to sign up for this 501 class, please email me at:

I can give you more information then.



Coaching is a positive approach to ministry and helps the client build on strengths rather than stress weaknesses.  Coaching seeks to encourage and empower clients towards positive, forward action. It is future-oriented and results-focused.

It is this partnership of equals that works toward moving people from where they are to where they want to be.  Tamra Heitman, staff pastor and credentialed minister who is pursuing coach certification, puts it this way:

“Coaching will help you in making everyday and strategic life decisions. It will encourage you to accomplish goals by helping you to set action steps and identifying and using the strengths you already have.”

There are several Illinois ministers who have already participated in preliminary coach certification classes and it is our hope that many more will follow. We are excited about the impact coaching can have on the local church and it’s ministry.


Coach Approach Ministries has developed a series of coach training courses designed to give participants the mindset, skill set, and tools to begin utilizing coaching in their leadership and relationships with others. Thrive Church Network, in association with Coach Approach Ministries, offers course 501, 502, 503 and 510 which are designed to meet the requirements for credentialing through the International Coach Federation.


Thrive Coaching offers certification through Coach Approach Ministries (CAM).  All classes offered through Thrive fulfill the requirements for CAM and accrue toward further certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

To become a Certified Christian Leadership Coach, you need: 

+2 Classes or 32 Hours of Classroom Requirement 

  •  Class 501 Foundations of Christian Coaching is required 
  • One of these classes: 
    • Class 502: Establishing a Dynamic Coaching Relationship 
    • Class 503:  Coaching Change, Transition, and Transformation 
    • Class 507:  Coaching Teams 
    • Class 510:  A Coach Approach to Leading and Managing 

+10 Hours of Mentor Coaching

  • This is done as a group of 7 or 8 students and is done by conference call.   
  • Calls are one hour in length.  
  • Calls will be weekly over ten weeks. 
  • Each student will be coached one-on-one three times by a mentor coach  
  • Seven sessions will be shared with all the students and the mentor coach on a shared conference call.  

+An Online Course on CAM’s Website: “Intro to Christian Coaching” 


  • Each class is $200 for Illinois District Pastors
  • Ten hours of group mentor coaching is $500 
  • Cam’s online intro to Coaching is $99 
  • Certification cost is $75 


  • A ministry coaching credential from the most trusted name in Christian coach training 
  • In-depth and personalized feedback about your coaching from experienced and ICF-certified mentor coaches 
  • Learning that will your build coaching proficiency through modeling, practice, feedback, adjustment and more practice 
  • Training that meets the rigorous standards of the International Coach Federation, delivered by ICF credentialed coaches 
  • Membership in the network of Certified Christian Leadership Coaches (CCLC), including being listed in the CCLC public database 

For more information about Coach Approach Ministries, visit their website.  For more information about the International Coach Federation, visit their website.